September - October Events and August workshop recap.

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For those who like a real market stand packed full of squeezable wool, bright colours and try-on-able kit models we will be around in different parts of France in September and October.

23rd-24th September you will find us in Lyon at the second Microfestival de Libération du Fil

58 Rue Victor Lagrange, 69007 Lyon Just next to the Station and Metro Jean Macé

The mini market is open from Sat 13.30 - 20.00 and Sunday 10 - 18 hr here is the list of exhibitors

Check out the workshops here and book soon.

7th - 8th October we will once more be part of the market at the Forum International de la Couleur Végétale 2017 in Lauris (dept 84)

27th, 28th and 29th October we will be in the Creuse, dept 23, among the 120 woolly stands at Les Journées de la laine in Felletin. You can see all the information and download the programme on their web-page.

Hope to see you at one of them!

August was taken up for the most part with transmitting the skills needed to successfully naturally dye wool. A few shots from the workshop here in my atelier .

First some of the dye plants

Annual Coreopsis

Japanese Indigo

Sulphur Cosmos

Sulphur Cosmos on the first day of solar dyeing, quite a bit of colour already.

Day 2 included a weld dye bath giving a strong yellow and the setting up of the organic indigo stock solutions.

Below you can see the stock solution beginning to settle.

By Day 3 it was ready for use.

And use it we did on white wool, on yellow to make green and turquoise and on pink to make purples.

Once the madder red was dyed on Day 4 we dipped some of that in the indigo vat as well to make a gorgeous earthy purple.

Day 5 and each student had more than 36 naturally dyed colours to dry and take home plus the skills and recipes to explore natural dyeing further on their own.

And now you have read this far just to let you know that when you place an order and your invoice number is 5000 you will receive a 25% refund. It is coming up soon!

Wishing you all delight in the colours of Autumn.

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