Welcoming the new crewel / lace-weight wool.

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Some of you might have seen the Instagram post about the new wool arriving. We are hereby celebrating its arrival with a white sale

When we first started out we used to buy the wool we needed in 100kg lots from good old Bradford, even when the world wool prices started soaring we sourced our wool there. That is until the minimum order was raised to 1000 kg. That was a little too much for our purse! Knowing that it was vitally important that our crewel embroidery wool was of the best quality we turned to our friends at Biella, The Wool Company asking if, like our two knitting wools, they could produce the same quality embroidery wool using wool sourced in France.

Alas this was not possible but Carmen sourced the perfect wool tops for the job in Argentina where the merino wool quality has been kept at its maximum by careful breeding by the native herders. I was at first a little reluctant to bring wool so far but the quality cannot be denied and I couldn't resist. That was many years ago now and to celebrate the arrival of our latest batch we are offering undyed wool at a welcoming price. You can find the specially priced wool on our sales page in 100gm hanks. I hope this quantity is good for both embroiderer and knitters as well are crocheters of course.

I have ventured to test embroider with the wool myself, please bear in mind that I am a natural dyer and not an embroiderer and yes I do know that the stem stitch is spiralling to two directions! I hope it doesn't hurt the experts too much to see that!

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