February with Renaissance Dyeing

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The last Newsletter encountered a glitch and I don't know if any of you received it. If you did I apologise for the repetition. Then we ourselves encountered a glitch in the form of a covid infection. But now all glitches are behind us and we wish you all a colourful, creative and healthy 2022!

We seem to have missed nearly everything, maybe you are feeling like that too, so we thought to have a

FEBRUARY MARKET KNITTING SALE of the fingering weight wool!

From February 4th - 12th noon inclusive. There will be an online sale of the Poll Dorset and Merinos d'Arles ranges, while stocks last.

Because we are not going to shows or markets at the moment we have reduced the cost by 20% so that it compensates for the postal costs. So without further ado, here is your code for the February knitting wool sale : knitnaturally

AND THROUGHOUT FEBRUARY I will be adding fingering weight hanks and some KITS to our Sales Page at the same 20% discount or more! Keep an eye on Instagram.


Have you checked our outlets page to see where you can buy our embroidery thread locally, well at least in your country!

Early Medieval Embroidery

Alexandra Makin is a textile archaeologist and professional embroiderer specialising in early medieval embroidery (450-1100CE). She designs and sells her own hand embroidery kits based on early medieval period embroidery and art. Her wool and Bayeux Tapestry inspired kits feature Renaissance Dyeing crewel yarn.

Recently we saw the launch of 'Revival', Brenda Sortwell's beautiful crewel work design featuring a pomegranate, grapes and berry sprays. You can buy the pattern through Inspiration Studio.

KNITTERS and maybe embroiderers too!

A few months ago we had a new delivery of fine lace-weight lace/crewel wool. You can check out the details and the link to an introductory offer here on our blog.

Some of the things we have in the works for 2022:
  • A project to do with Cocoknits, our Poll Dorset wool and a French chateau.

  • New crewel kits from The Crewel Work Company

  • Something Elizabethan from the colourfully talented Kieran Foley. Watchout on Instagram for the launch.

  • Look out for some colourful collaboration with Modern Fair Isle designer Sophie Ochera. Knit your own naturally dyed masterpiece!

Have a good February wherever you are.

Adriaan and Andie

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