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Happy New 2019

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A Happy New Year to all of you and a big thank you for being there, it is not always easy for artisans in the present economic, social media orchestrated world so please know that we do always appreciate your custom.

No January is complete without a SALE, this year we have shifted a cross-section of our kits to our sales page something for everybody we hope, inevitably until supplies run out.

We have

For the crocheters The spanking new The Lady in Red Shawl designed by Annette Petavy at a low introductory price

Also the old favourite Kaléidoscope Throw ...

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Wool Slogan

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Our fingering knitting wools are different to many others found on the market in that they are what is called equitable, i.e. fair trade. Our yarn is not mass produced at a greatly reduced price but is bought from French shepherds at a price that makes it possible for them to continue their work unencumbered. The only people between you and the shepherdesses, Sheila and Pascaline are the spinning mill in Biella, Italy and us the natural dyers, here in France.

We would like you to help us find a short catchy slogan to help bring our wool and ...

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November Newsletter

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Towards Christmas

When I was young, many years ago now, we used to make little surprises for each other during December, secretly do another's chores, sweeties under the pillow that kind of thing. An atmosphere of thoughtfulness for others to lighten the dark approach to Christmas. Keep am eye on our blog, instagram and facebook pages to join in the December fun, give-ways, competitions, discounts and thoughtfulness. Virtual sweeties under your pillow.

Blue Jean socks

A little later than promised the colourful and cosy Blue Landgirl socks by Kate Wallace are here, perfect with your winter jeans.

Renaissance Dyeing ...

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Bulletin d'octobre 2018

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L'automne est à nos portes avec toutes ses promesses de joies du tricot et de la broderie. Pour nous, c’est aussi l’occasion de revoir certains d’entre vous alors que nous nous dirigeons vers les marchés d’octobre à novembre, cette année dans le centre de la France et près de Lyon.

Ce mois-ci, nous lançons également un nouveau kit pour chacune de nos collections de laine

  • Lace-weight - un nouveau châle au crochet conçu par Annette Petavy, the Lady in Red shawl. Cette dame en rouge séduit par son caractère tout en contrastes. Brides pleines ...

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October newsletter

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Autumn is upon us with all its promise of handwork joys. For us it is also an opportunity to meet some of you again as we take to the October - November markets, this year in central France and near to Lyon.

This month we are also launching one new kit for each of our wool collections

  • Lace-weight - a new crocheted shawl designed by Annette Petavy, The Lady in Red shawl, a seductive pattern full of contrasts, trebles and lace stitches, subtle and intense colours, finesse and strength. See Annette presenting her new Lady in Red shawl on youtube. It is ...

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Bulletin d'été 2018

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Offre d'été

L'été est définitivement arrivé et pour ceux d'entre vous qui commencent à penser à votre projet de vacances pour vous aider, nous offrons une réduction de 10% sur tout ce qui est laineux sur le site, ce qui signifie tout sauf les extraits. Le code est sunshine et l'offre se déroulera du 2 juillet au 15 juillet

Bundles de Merinos d'Arles et nouvelles couleurs

Peut-être voudrez-vous prendre l'un des nouveaux 'bundles' de Merinos d'Arles pour améliorer votre travail de couleur. Ce sont 4 nuances naturellement teintes de laine Mérinos d'Arles ...

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