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Our natural dye extracts and some of their many uses.

Le Lot et La Laine

Ecrit par [email protected] le 30 juin 2015 sous Dye House News, Events, Natural Dye Extracts

Grande Fête de la Laine et du Tricot dans le Lot ! Big fibre festival in the Lot region in the south of France.

Troisième édition les 11 et 12 juillet 2015 au Musée de Cuzals, Sauliac sur Célé.

Beaucoup de couleurs sera sur place donc vous pouvez faire votre propre assemblage de couleur en fonction de vos goût et de votre garde robe.

Nous sommes ravis d'avoir Hélène Marcy - Eclat Du Soleil à notre stand. Non seulement est-elle apporter deux nouveaux modèles mais elle sera sur eu tout au long du week-end pour répondre à vos demandes de motif ...

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Logwood and persian berry extracts

Ecrit par [email protected] le 19 août 2009 sous Natural Dye Extracts

Here is a little project using just two natural dye extracts: Logwood and Persian Berries and the 100g of Australian pre-mordanted merino wool, from the Felters and Spinners Kit.

Felters and Spinners Kit

Purple and yellow are complimentary colours so you can't go much wrong really and the different tones and shades naturally produced by natural dyes bring variety and originality.

The bag was first felted and washed, a little local mica and silk gauze were incorporated into the felt to give texture. The bag was then printed with a pattern using the two dyes mixed with a little gum tragacanth. At the ...

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Naturally dyeing merino tops with extracts

Ecrit par [email protected] le 6 février 2009 sous Natural Dye Extracts

Naturally dyeing merino tops before spinning or felting can be a scary undertaking because of the wonderful ability of merino to felt at the slightest provocation.

After simmering for an hour in the mordant and then once more in the dye liquor, even with the most gentle care the delicate fibres have often felted, which is after all why you bought it in the first place, if you are felter.

Our popular spinners and felters kit, does away with the angst attached to producing your own naturally dyed fibres and leaves you free to abandon yourself to Creative Coloration with ...

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Three new shades in our natural dye extract range

Ecrit par [email protected] le 5 mars 2008 sous Natural Dye Extracts

Our natural dye extract range is soon to be enlarged by three new shades: Mulberry, Cochineal and Valonia Oak. They will be up on the website as soon as they arrive in a day or two. Meanwhile here are a few photographs of my samples and experiments. Please feel free to leave any comments below.

Silk and Wool Samples

A Selection of silk and wool threads dyed with Mulberry Dye Extract. Underneath is a silk hanky which will be exciting to spin and at the top is a pair of socks that I cold mordanted with alum and then painted with mulberry and cochineal ...

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