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Welcoming the new crewel / lace-weight wool.

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Some of you might have seen the Instagram post about the new wool arriving. We are hereby celebrating its arrival with a white sale

When we first started out we used to buy the wool we needed in 100kg lots from good old Bradford, even when the world wool prices started soaring we sourced our wool there. That is until the minimum order was raised to 1000 kg. That was a little too much for our purse! Knowing that it was vitally important that our crewel embroidery wool was of the best quality we turned to our friends at Biella ...

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Late Spring Sale

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Yes, you heard right, we are having a SPRING SALE, we thought it might cheer everyone up in this eternal wet spring we are having! There is no code needed instead I am reducing all the prices of all kinds of wool across the web-site by 15%

This will include the 3 kits that use the main embroidery range, the main range itself and its Elizabethan sister. And of course the individual skeins and hanks of:-

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